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Sebastien Lambla

Hello and welcome!

I’m Sebastien and I love building software. I split my time between open-source contributions, training, speaking, and building distributed systems for clients all over the world.

Open-Source is now an essential part of our industry. I contribute as much as I can, with projects such as ConsulStructure, OpenRasta and many other side projects, both to advance the state of our industry, and to experiment and keep my coding as sharp as possible.

Theres little value in learning if you don’t share it back. I train developers in modern development practices, ReST architectures and distributed systems.

Another way to teach is to speak at conferences, an essential part in motivating the industry, and floating new ideas. With over 100 talk deliveries over 10 years, I’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively to share my passion.

Publishing content for people to read at home is the last part of this sharing equation. My blog goes back to 2003, and in a commitment to integrity, I’ve even left the embarassing material.

What people say

Seb is amazing. I’ve had him speak at my events and been lucky enough to hear him. He has an amazing way of enthusing passionately about a subject, that he obviously knows inside out, and is able to relate that to listners in a way they can understand. Seb really knows what he’s doing in terms of heading up a team and taking them in a direction. He’s a brilliant catalyst for change. His vision and architecture will take a team in a direction they’d have never dreamed of, on a journey to delivering valuable, incredible software. A leader in his field.

Gemma Cameron, Software Developer and Queen Bee of Manchester’s Tech Community

I worked with Seb for nearly a year at a mutual client of ours; he demonstrated an enlightening depth of knowledge in his areas of expertise he is superb at spotting problems which can be solved with already discovered patterns. He has strong opinions on everything and is always willing to apply pragmatism when building software. He is worth hiring and always worth listening to - there are many things to be learned from him.

Rob Ashton, Freelance software nomad

Seb is an intelligent, respected, and accomplished technologist. He was a huge personal help to me in ramping up on REST and provide my team continual advice as we were developing ASP.NET Web API. He is also a passionate supporter of the UK developer community having also been a big driver for the UK efforts.

Glenn Block, Program Manager

Seb is articulate, passionate, courageous and fiercely intelligent; exactly the kind of person you want to have around if you’ve got difficult problems to solve. I enjoyed working with him immensely and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.

Liz Keogh, Lean and Agile consultant

I used OpenRasta during a code “boot-camp” to teach developers about ReST. We spent about 1 hour total talking about ReSt and some different theory. We then spent the next 3 hours showing and writing code. We created a basic CRUD style controller, put some basic authentication into the pipeline and had a working service up and running by the time the class was over. The feedback was great, and for most people it was easy to use OpenRasta to learn ReST.

Nate Taylor, developer

Seb has always been a great inspiration to me. Being an API guy myself, I’ve always looked up to him and if it wasn’t for OpenRasta I wouldn’t be where I am in my career. Thanks for that!

Filip W, developer and all that

Sebastien delivered an outstanding session about RESTful API:s and hypermedia during Øredev 2011. But what’s equally important - he really took the time to hang around the conference talking and debating with any attendee that approached him. This is what makes a conference great, speakers, like Sebastien, that takes the time to have all those discussions between the sessions.

Peter von Lochow, Member of Program Committee, Öredev AB

Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Colin Jack, developer

Sebastien Lambla is purely brilliant! Not only is he extremely talented, but he is hard working and always well prepared and innovative. Most of the projects I had the pleasure of working with him on involved highly complex scenarios that were all presenting high risks. Sebastien always came to the table with innovative solutions that not only looked amazing, but worked perfectly. I would work with him again without hesitation.

Sebastien Rousseau, project manager, AKQA

Sebastien is an excellent software developer with tremendous experience of delivering software with the latest techniques and technologies. He provides a real advantage to any customer or development team.

Daniel Fernandes, developer

Seb brought a wealth of knowledge about WPF. Along with his excellent problem solving ability, he helped us develop a great application for our client.

Neil Mosafi, developer