Serials are long-runnning stories that deserve several posts to discuss in depth.

Agile Anarchy

  1. An introduction
  2. Is Agile dead?
  3. Null Design
  4. Mobbing
  5. Death to the open plan
  6. Wall un-building and the Panopticon
  7. Remote working

Cloud for .net

It is more and more common to deploy .net applications in a cloud. With Microsoft already covering the Azure solution well, there is little content for how to push .net to AWS. This serial attempts to fill that hole.

  1. Infrastructure in source control
  2. RDP’ing into a Windows box
  3. Windows Passwords, locks and keys

macOS for the .net guy

  1. Learning the Shell

Rebuilding has taken tremendous effort to build. It seems only fair that I’d share all the things I learnt in the process.

  1. A new design
  2. Importing content
  3. Master templates
  4. Serials
  6. Talks
  7. CV

Public Speaking

Speaking can be immensely rewarding, but can be very frightening. Conferences, user-groups, preparation, slides, code of conducts: I cover some of the things I’ve seen, done and learnt.

  1. Veni
  2. Vidi
  3. Vici
  4. Mean Girls, Peer Pressure and Whiskey

VeST Redux

Vertical Slice Technologies are a set of practices that, combined together, provide for a different way of building software.

  1. The Tenets of Vertical Slice Technologies
  2. Specification-driven development
  3. Components, mains, simulators and test rigs
  4. Test rigs and external APIs
  5. Testing strategy for aggregates in DDD
  6. Semantic persistence
  7. What’s so wrong with mocking frameworks?

WPF Tips n' Tricks

  1. Have all your dates, times, numbers... in the local culture
  2. Use Segoe UI on Vista and Tahoma on XP (and whatever else wherever else)
  3. Reusing the content of a Popup control
  4. Another way to declare read-only dependency properties
  5. Receive notifications for dependency properties
  6. Preventing ScrollViewer from handling the mouse wheel
  7. Smooth(er) scrolling