Contract First web services, yes, that's the path to redemption

Christian Weyer gives us a very handy tool to experiment with the concept of contract first web services.

For those of you not yet hooked up on the latest WS - SOA trends, we are moving to the idea of a contract being an agreement between endpoints to establish a communication. Instead of saying:

  • We've been raised in the same school (Type), so we can communciate

We now say:

  • We speak the same language (Contract), so we can communicate.

The shift is important for interop, and can resolve partly the biggest problems with versioning and other advanced problems. It's not a perfect solution, but it's a good step.

Indigo supports this idea, but this add-in gives you a way to create your contract first, and to get the code after. This is important because, in the SOA model, Object Oriented methodologies are only use within the boundaries of your service, which you can access from the outside world only through the contract.

Yeah, I know, boring explanation, here is the link, enjoy.