What's to come

Just to let you know what I'm working on at the moment:

  • An article on IIS undocumented, everything you wanted to know about aspnet_isapi.dll without daring to ask it
  • An article on how to break a protocol encryption, or how reverse engeneering always succeed over security through obscurity
  • An article on a dynamic script engine and the related challenges it poses
  • An article on how to write a simple compiler for a dynamically typed language
  • An article on how to write a MasterPage system that works and is not a hack, and how to provide url rewritting at the same time, the proper way
  • An article on how to provide a Watson like infrastructure for your windows applications
  • Hopefully, get to work with the dotnetguru.org team on their english web site

I think that's enough to last for a few weeks. The first article is already about 4200 words and i'm not happy about it yet.

By the way, anyone willing to publish one of these articles can mail me :)