Why I'm going silent for a while

I just want to let the people I like and also the people I talk to that I may not be very vocal on messenger, phone, or whatever. The technical side of things will keep on coming, but I’m going through a very painful moment of my personal life, with a highly probable very painful moment in my professional life in the next few weeks / months. This does not let me do as much as I’d like, and if we ever met and discussed, you would know that my involvement in many projects and many domains have been below what would be needed for me to achieve, because I thought that doing so would be enough to keep me at bay on the personal side. Obviously this is no longer true. I need to find what is true and what is not, and for that I need temporarily to concentrate on that, and on my on line life that actually leads me somewhere professionally.

Thanks to the friends that are there for me, thanks also to the friends that are not there and were never really there in the first place. I said when I opened this web site that I was back. Actually, I think I was just born again, and I need to go through teenage again. Convince myself that I’m better than what I’m told. Convince myself I am good. Convince myself I’m worth something. Yes, that’s it. That I’m worth it.