How can I post from work when I don't post from work

Some of you might have noticed how my posts shows up during my work hours.

The thing is, I don’t blog from work. I read, may occasionally point to something interesting, but I don’t write big entries from work. How do you do it can I hear you scream in front of your Apple 30inch cinema display (oh you're a lucky lucky guy (but frankly, was it worth it (like really really worth it? I mean don't you have a life?? ))).

Well, I have a small tool that lets me schedule on top of dasBlog when my messages will appear, based on the time of the day. Each day is mostly scripted and published during the evening, and the blogs are distilled throughout the day. Why do you ask?

Well, as I said earlier, the more posts, the more readers. But what if you blog in an hour, and everybody gets 25 messages in their reader? They don’t read you. By scripting my day in advance, I keep the reader hooked up on reading me throughout the day. That way, any IT guy that gets bored can start his aggregator and hopefully read a bit of snippet from me. The objective? Each time someone open his aggregator, I have one or two messages posted. I currently evaluate that as one look every 3 hours for a 10 hours day of work, plus one view at night. I tend to keep the big entries for the night read, but my post count is too low to post 2 messages every 3 hours during the day like I intend to do.

Does that sound artificial? It is definitely counter intuitive for those that consider a blog as a simple publishing medium. For me, it’s also about getting more readers, more people to talk to, more intelligence gathered around me, from which I can suck as much as I can. It is purely selfish, and on the verge of marketing. But hey, even geeks can have some skills in these areas!