DependencyProperty inheritance doesn't cross the UserControl boundary!

Still got lot of work to do tonight but more on that tomorrow.


Visual Studio 2005 SP1 is released!

From Bharry's blog:

Finally. Pure bliss. Orgasmic patching friday.


Thought of the day

Music to buy. That's an interesting concept, and more and more people start buying their music rather than just copying their friend's iPod lists (or worse, swap 80GB hard drives like some do). And that's fine with me. I'll be honest and admit I listen to Internet radios and often download whichever trendy songs I want from my friends iPods. Very bad boy...

Why not buy then? Working in I.T. as a contractor, I cannot give the argument of being poor. The reason is simple, quality.

See, after a while, when you start having nice hardware that try and reproduce digital audio signal in something of rather good quality, you start feeling the pain of the general poor quality of encodings. Be it on limewire networks or on the songs you buy online, it is compressed, and I cannot stand the general sound of it. It lacks amplitude and is often metallic.

Plus, I feel it is absolutely stupid to impose DRM on me when the CD equivalent doesn't have any protection, and is of better quality because unencoded.

The day a shop will start giving me uncompressed music with no DRM (meaning I can have it running on my MacBook pro, my vista machine at home, my iPod, my XBOX360), then I'll start paying for the service.

In the meantime, CD is still the best and the king of quality. They're securely backed up on my RAID array at home, and I have a copy in VBR for my iPod. I just don't know what to do with the original hardware sadly.

Maybe a CD-themed Christmas tree this year?