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A huge whole lot of interesting blog with a lot of stuff am researching right now: Rick. Discovered only thanks to technorati!


Morgan Stanley stuff

What is going on about Morgan Stanley in the Syndication world?

  • Strategist Andy Xie warns about a "hard landing" in lot of sectors in China because they attract too many investors on the hope of growth. Are we living a Yellow bubble? If that one was to burst, the whole Asian region could go down. (Yahoo News)
  • Morgan Stanley is also managing fuel for United Airlines through their Commodities businesses. And it seems it's quite lucrative! Something I really didn't expect from an investment bank. Amazing! (Commodity Trader)
  • Cisco and Wal-Mart going down, Yahoo and Ebay going up, that's the latest index provided by Morgan Stanley Capital International Inc. (Bloomberg)
  • PerfectlyVague thinks we're a boring company. Girl, you ought to come around, there are lot of funny people and the atmosphere is far from being that boring! Tell you what, I invite you for coffee in our building, you'll see how cool everything is here! And yes, i was really surprised at how relaxed one can be and on how much resources are devoted to people feeling ok about their job. Can you spell S-U-P-P-O-R-T-I-V-E? Ok maybe I can't but the company definitely does!
  • From Canada, Morgan Stanley also gets the contract with Sycamore Networks. Our company definitely has more and more of a portfolio of IT companies... For the names, type them in a search engine I can't name but you know! ;-) (
  • As this blog highly respect all opinions, this one made me laugh for quite a while. Just a snippet: "then we'll know how much of Bush family is controlled by the Saudis/British Crown!". Frankly amusing if you don't take it seriously. If you do, how about trying this web site instead?
  • Still on the subject of Morgan Stanley and petroleum, Andarko is selling its gulf assets to Apache Corp and a royalty interest to Morgan Stanley Capital Group. (Yahoo)
  • Morgan Stanley supports Collin County children. Yes, our company is giving back to the community, and not only with money. Did you know that Morgan Stanley employees can have a day off, fully paid, to go and do some community work, once a year? (North Texas e-News)
  • And for you advices junkies, William Hill has been upgraded to overweight from equal-weight. Now if anyone took the time to explain all these barbarian words to me, i'd be glad to explain multi threading as a payback. (
  • And it would seem Morgan Stanley is going back to investing in Israel. (
  • Finally, Morgan Stanley thinks that the interest rate in the UK has reached a peek. Quoting the article: "Baker suggests one more rate rise is possible, although this would be unlikely". The article also says that the City as a whole always fails at predicting peaks and troughs since 97. We'll see about that one, be back in November and I'll track back on my own entry. (Business Telegraph)

I actually start liking monitoring all that financial information. There's much more happening than what I publish, but if it's not available in feeds it doesn't get to me. And I bet you most investors will do the same way in a few years.


I Love bees...

While subscribing to Boing Boing (Yes I am building a second OPML at work, that contains different feeds than the ones I read at home, more focused on my day to day job... Ok, except for Boing Boing), I saw this: ILoveBees goes nutso.

I followed a lot of these links and messageboards a few weeks ago, out of boredome... But lack of time prevents you from having the full story. Hope someone somewhere is doing a complete archive of the whole thing!

This is a very strong kind of marketing, and I would agree with Pablo, the flashmob appeal is serious. And seriously addictive.