Makes you think

An interesting reading (again) from Paul Graham. He’s the guy that wrote about the hundred year language, invented the Bayesian filtering, or associates art and coding.

I have one comment though… I know a lot of hackers that spend their time on NT boxes, and it’s as geeky to know about how a thread goes into kernel mode to pass process boundary in out of process COM activation when using EntrepriseServices than it is to know how an X server works under *nix. That’s my opinion anyway!


I love being linked

You know, I just loved being linked. So when both Eric Gunnerson (Yeah, THAT eric!) and David link to my article about ReaderWriterLock, I can’t start the day better! 


High post count == High traffic?

If you didn’t notice, my blogging rate is going up these days… But it seems this in turn gets me more people. My traffic has been going higher ever since I started this new, Scoble like snippet publishing mode. I think I’ll continue that way. Or maybe it’s just because in two weeks I had links from Mary Jo Foley, Scoble, Eric Gunnerson, which follows several links from Roy Osherove, Don Box, Benjamin Mitchell, dasBlonde (doesn’t she look fantastic?), and of course IanG which is a regular slapper of this blog :-) (I do like the attention). I must say I’m quite proud!