For us non designers

If you’re like me, although your usuability and layout skills for web and windows apps are correct, you are absolutely blind and stupid when it comes to selecting colors.

This web site made my day:



Cubiks get a face lift

For those of you interested, Cubiks launched their new web site at and I must say it’s pretty clean. Well done to Suzy Eul who did most, if not all the work, that’s a pretty good achievement! And yes, I *do* know this is a month old news.

By the way, if you start doing business with Cubiks, please tell them you come from me, I would appreciate :-)


CSS extensions for IE?

Just found this link: named IE7: a simple extension that makes the most useful CSS extensions available. Doesn’t seem to correct some of the box model bugs though, but fix the png transparency issue. Oh well, it’s a good start.

Might be a good way to extend ie for standard compliance, why doesn’t Microsoft help with that… Provide a supported behavior that corrects all the bugs and missing features of ie6? That would not break current pages and provide webmasters with a low cost solution. In the meantime, I will continue to standardize on mozilla, and fix ie rendering afterwards.