Color match for firefox

Yes, the previous link doesn’t work in firefox… Here’s another version for you:



DOAP - bringing metadata to open source projects

Edd just launched the DOAP project, to define an RDF based description language for software projects. I have to wonder though, how specific is that to open source, and can’t it be applied equally to any closed source application?  


What a day!

Thanks to the register, mary joe, scoble and others, this blog got it's biggest connection rate since its inception a year and half ago... 4200 connections at midnight, and the number of rss subscribers tripled.

About boa, i will write something tomorrow, didn't have the time today.

Now that i have a bigger audience, what do you want me to blog about in the next few weeks? NAnt, remoting, events and delegates, SOA, blogs? What are you interested in, why did you come here? It's time to make use of that comments section down there!