Google have a new googlebot?

I was looking at my user agents on this blog, and what was my surprise when i saw this: Googlebot/Test (+ There's a new Test blot on the go? It's hitting me much less than the main 2.1 one. Wierd.


Only cdf feed on the net?

Don says that there’s probably only 3 active cdf feeds on the net. Nope! Every single user has it with dasBlog, and you can reach mine here:

There you go. That makes me the fourth! 


ISL 1 (Interesting Stuff List)

 And here we go for the first list (please remember my backlog go back to October 2k3 so some links might look a bit old. They are nevertheless quite interesting in my opinion).


·         From Jon, an IIS SSL Diagnostic tool.

·         For all your COM+ fans, in this comments, how to enable the spinning ball in the Component Services snap-on for your component.

·         Sort Comparison from Raymond. Very interesting as always.

·         The Logging Application block is available, thanks to Fabrice for the link. Fabrice is one of the most dedicated application blocks promoters I’ve seen.

·         Monitoring application on MSDN, something not done enough in many companies.

·         From Sam Gentile

o       SQL Buddy

o       A paper on a CLR and JVM JIT compiler from Intel.

·         From Craig, a snippet of the new add-in deployment model in Visual Studio 2005 (must reckon the page break, or lack of, is annoying).

·         All you need to know about WS-Transactions from Benjamin.

·         Monad, that recently reached a new milestone according to Neowin, and is now named Command Shell (After being Microsoft Shell for a while)


·         From Ian White from Marc, an RSS for outlook utility that lets you publish your outlook calendar as an RSS feed. Wonder if it integrates well with the ESF extension for newsgator

·         From Dave Winer, about the future of blogging software.

·         On the verge of it… Vault generates RSS feeds, and so does the 2.0 version for that matter. Very very useful (like when you want to know up to the minute if one dev try to sneak in some code where he shouldn’t).


·         From Ian White, The Meowtrix.

·         From Rob Howard, Software Development Maladies

·         From Julien, Top 20 Coder excuses.

And that’s all for today.