Channel9 live

Well well well, everybody is crazy over these days, either loving it or hating it. Well, I have to admit that the experiment looks good. And the most prolific blogger is one of the heads behind it…

But Robert… You know what it is all about: syndication. But because we want it conversational, it shouldn’t be [OneWay]. It should be duplex syndication. So here is what I want to see in channel9.

First, emphasize people inside Microsoft and people outside Microsoft. That’s right, promote content with other people to feed a live video based discussion published through rss where rory, Julia and me could all talk together on the topics we want. Obviously, the only limit is the resources for that, but I’m sure there must be a way. Like a geek aggregator that detects the cool discussion trends, and go to people to aggregate the best stuff on a per discussion basis.

And second, that one is easier. If channel9 aggregate outside, why can’t I aggregate it myself? What I mean is, when I’m on Chris Sells blog, I want to see everything he did… And if he publish content out of it (video, articles, discussion, etc), and it’s regular, and it’s elsewhere, he should be able to aggregate the content of channel9 on his own blog. Merge the web site boundaries, isn’t it what it is all about? What I mean is something along the line of: uh? Not doable?

This is somewhere where I feel things are lacking. The only thing people think about is unicast distribution. I publish content, publish a feed, and you may link to it. Robert started a new stuff, a personal aggregated link directory of all the cool stuff. That is still unicast but distributed. But when you put into the equation cross-blogging, multiple content providers for a single person, you reach a point where we MUST leverage the technology to provide a true conversational aspect. With a flow, and without a boundary between different publishing sources.

May the force be with you.



Thanks to all of you for caring. I'm finally starting to recover, at least on the physical side. Pills are burning my stomach, but when i got back on my blog today, i noticed two very very good candies to counter balance the effect.

·         Don Box responded to my post about http.sys and even cared about leaving a comment pointing to the article

·         Chris Sells responded to my earlier post

Now I don't know what makes your day, but two very strong longhorn people on my blog in less than seven days, now that's a great honor. Thanks guys.


Game Development, where is directX going?

From gamespot, Microsoft announced a new toolkit that would work across Microsoft platforms to develop games. I can certainly understand that the scope is far bigger than just directX technologies, but how is that going to merge into the developer toolkit? And will we ever see an official way to let homebrew software running on .net work on an Xbox console?

One last question, I’ve still not heard of WinFS relations to gaming… I strongly think that a winfs store for game “saves” is going to provide for a great way to manage game sessions, be it on a usb memory card, or on your hard drive. How will it be possible, through one development platform, to target the full power of winfs, some subset of it on Xbox2, and the nothing we have on winNTx?

I know, I’m asking too many questions :)