http.sys included in windowsxp SP2

From Don, it seems the SP2 includes http.sys. This is the kernel http driver that is included in windows server 2003. Now a question for don or the others:

Does it mean that the indigo stack actually hook up in http.sys instead of relying on IIS? 


Enable the DCE in Longhorn POST PDC

This is something that has been running around for a few days but the blogosphere didn’t notice. You can enable the desktop composition engine in the post PDC build.

Just type in a command line:

C:\windows\I386\SBCtl.exe dcestart
C:\windows\I386\SBCtl.exe wmgstart

Have fun! (note we're talking about the 4052 builds that were leaked on the net a while ago...)

Thanks to Jason on the newsgroups. 


A hidden new feature in Service Pack 2

Just noticed while doing some clean-up work (as my machine seems to have gotten into some kind of neurotic reboot sequence…) that there is something new in the Add/Remove control panel…

You can now click on “show updates” and it will show you the patches that were previously hidden. For example, XP Service pack 2 is put under “Windows XP – Software Updates”. How cool is that?

Now my question is, how do you get the installer to know about that?