Url Rewriting

Jesse talks about URL rewriting and propose a, well, solution to the problem. I know where he comes from, but there’s a much much easier way to handle it. I will detail it in my master template architecture paper (yes, I’m getting late in article writing these days) but you really just need to implement an IHttpHandler and compile the aspx page yourself…

Obviously the process (taking one url, changing it to call another url) is different than doing the work yourself, but you achieve the same goal, as it’s exactly what .net is there for. And the HttpContext being constructed on the original URL, no need to change anything, it will just work.


Catching up

I’ve been silent for the last few days as I impose on myself an absolute hiatus as long as I don’t finish my homework and read everything that I missed over nearly one month of blogging. So here we are, I went from 4600+ posts to only 2600+, and intend on finishing all that by the end of the week. My backlog actually have about 300 posts I will blog about, so you’ll get a lot of “the interesting stuff collection” series posts I’m going to start writing weekly.


Biztalk and SharePoint

Jan Tielens is really getting me hot on these two servers, and if I get some time I need to dig into them. Question to all of you, why isn’t Microsoft targeting architects more about their server products? They look from where I am as very interesting niche things that can’t really help me… A bit like ADAM or active directory. I know they are there, I know I’m constantly rewriting whatever is in there to provide my own solution, but at the end, I have no authoritative voice as to if I should rely upon these packaged software pieces.