Amsterdam here I come

We just arrived in amsterdam. The trip starts well, with a free upgrade in the hotel to a lovely one bedroom flat with view on amstel straat and the water... Second good news, thanks to wifi i can leach a bit of connection from our living room, very very sweet. I don't really know if I should let the owner know that his router is still configured using the default password (thanks god for me for that matter, as the router needed to be restarted to get a connection !) Anyone interested in meeting? I'm there till wednesday. Just IM me ( or send me a mail!


Reading more, faster

As I’ve been quite ill for the last few days (don’t know if 39 degrees Celsius on wake up would be considered “quite” ill for most people. I don’t. I just pretend.) I’ve been looking for a way to read more entries in less time. I don’t follow the scoble rule about moving posts in a special outlook folder, but I do flag them. And I finally found today the missing piece.

All blogs go in their own folder. I use a search folder to show me all the unread entries. I read them one after the other, and can switch using the SPACE key. And when something looks interesting enough to remember or to blog about, I quick flag it… This is where it is interesting. You can do so by pressing INSERT. And this is not in the menu, only hidden in the outlook 2003 help file. What’s the point in putting some shortcuts on the menu and not others? Anyone have a rationale as to why they did that in outlook? 


A new application block

The Offline Application Block went live. A few weeks ago, it was in beta on gotdotnet. Kudos to the patterns and practices group for a new block.

However… Why in the name of Bill isn’t there any kind of integration with the UIP application block? Is it because the latter is not usable in any real scenario? :-)