The london blogging dinner - People, Scoble and Toilets

So we had a blogging dinner. I was there, very good moment, nice beer, some very nice people, and overall nice conversation.

We talked about the dinner here, it was advertised by Don and Scoble, and a list of some bloggers that were there was posted by chris right here. Yes, I’m in the link list, thanks Chris J

Benjamin is a very nice guy, even knew me by my name (someone told him or he’s part of the big conspiracy to prevent me from ruling the world with the universal blogging tool I have yet to invent. One blog to rule them all…). ‘Nuff said. Oh, by the way, he’s a Microsoft Regional Director, that rocks :)

Worth mentioning, James moblogging where you can see me, Chris sitting next to Julien (so in front of me for those of you not following tss tss tss) .

IanG and his highly graphical blog here was there as well, also I must admit that if he was there, not knowing what he looks like, I wouldn’t have recognized him. No Ian, you’re not the last one blogging about it.

Let’s move on to Mark Iwazsco, to which, interestingly enough, I’ll come back on my scoble post later today. His entry resumes quite well the discussion we had at the restaurant, although I may add that if you’re looking for directX 10 and it’s new memory architecture, it’s here (need to test the link from home thanks to the wonderful websense technology). On that note, it turns out DirectX v.Next is “owned” by the Avalon team, so it should prove to be quite interesting what kind of benefits you would get from a tighter relationship between the two technologies. As a side note, the exuberant French would be me. At least people remember me! I must say though that I tried to have a conversation with these two guys, and when objecting on remoting scalability and the dangers of relying on a remoting specific toolkit for Delphi ( the discussion switched to something else, without any apparent or implicit will for me to share it. So I switched to the other side of the table, where I felt more comfortable discussing things. Sorry guys if the discussion didn’t get any further might have been a misinterpretation on both sides.

Also there, people I don’t remember or don’t recognize on their pages: - Jonathan Hodgson (no blog that I could find) - Brian - Arnold, which is back to blogging. - Dominic, which talks about the dinner here

If we discussed, please tell me so I can update this entry… And if I missed people, please tell me…



I just looked at my googlerank (you can never be too self-conscious), and guess what. Here are the few way to get me in the first page:

Sebastien (7) Lambla (1 and 2) TheTechnologist(2) Longhorn WinFS (4) Longhorn Peer2peer (3) Longhorn SOA (10)

Quite interesting considering the lack of proper content that has been uploaded there.

The bad thing is that I’m moving houses again, and my web site will be completely disconnected from the 20th of December, up to the 3rd of January 2004. To my dear readers, don’t unsubscribe, this is only temporary! Great content will start appearing as soon as I get back from holidays. Thanks for your patience.


ObjectSpaces 1.0 Support for Other Databases

Andrew reports that version 1.0 of object spaces (the ORM technology to be provided with Whidbey next year) will only support SqlServer 200 and Yukon (the next generation of SQL Server for those of you who might be a bit lost with the 10+ new code names Microsoft is playing around with lately).

Scott comments on the question, why didn’t Microsoft include support for other databases when they already have managed providers. I would go further by quoting Andrew:

However, that said, we have designed an underlying architecture that could be extended to other datasources, even non-relational datasources.

To quote myself a bit, I’ve been saying for a long time that whenever you code an intelligent and clean architecture, you should at least provide an unsupported documentation on how to extend the current mechanism by replacing some components. My question would be, why don’t you open the extensibility points for other people to extend ObjectSpaces?