Lease Management, Remoting and Technical Reviews?

Interesting read on msdn:

To be honest the article is good and explain a not so well known side of remoting. But but but, frankly, this is frightening:

In fact, even in the case of a client in one AppDomain accessing an object in a different AppDomain (but in the same process), garbage collection still works because in the same process all AppDomains share the same managed heap. Now this sentence could have been “garbage collection could still works”. The reality is that, as soon as you cross your AppDomain, wherever you are and whatever you intend on doing, whatever your process name, you WILL go through the lease management system. Even in intra process calls. This is the reason why 80% of the plug-ins architectures relying on secondary AppDomains just fail miserably and why you get so many questions about RemotingExceptions on the microsoft newsgroups…


Virtual CD for Free - From Microsoft

A very handy utility is to be able to mount iso files as real cds. Microsoft have a Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel for Windows XP for that. From Scott. Cool.


Software Development Process and Marketing Bullshit

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. In scoble I try to believe. But there, you’ve gone too far. You went the commercial bullshit way. This is the quote I’m talking about:

Richard and Rob can walk around the factory floor and if they notice a problem they can add a feature right there and recompile. That’s pretty difficult to do with a PocketPC isn’t it?

Now I can understand how TabletPC can empower the end user. I can certainly understand how it is good for developers to work with tools their end users would (Go and read Julia’s blog if you don’t know what I’m talking about). But going against any form of any intelligent development process by saying that you can modify code and recompile just in time is by no mean the way to think about strong development processes. It’s not about software quality. Teenagers do that, but remember who you’re marketing to…

Only answer to the question why oh why did scolbe fell for marketing bullshit is if he knows more than he’s blogging. And after PDC we were supposed to know as much as him right? Come on, tell us now. You’ve said too much or not enough.