Life of a Longhorn Blogger

No new posts tonight. Scoble talked about it a while back, but when life becomes busy, things have a tendancy to go bad, especially if they can.

Being a geek, I’m working on Longhorn. I have side projects which sucks a lot of my coding time already. My day work is exhaustingly linear in the amount of coding I do. I also have a family life. Here is my schedule:

  • 7, wake up. Try to.

  • 8 wake up, really.

  • 9, at work up and running

  • 11, at work, starts coding (can’t before)

  • Day goes on

  • 17:30, stop working

  • 18:30 really stop working and go home

  • 19:00 maximum, Gym (4 times a week)

  • 20:30, dinner. After that, movie. No choice here, it’s the “right thing to do” to get your half off your toes

  • 23:00, try to catch up on blogs, newsgroups, and code

  • Now, here, depends on a lot of factors. You can get into troubles and have a few fights with your half about your so called lack of attention (even though you’re paying for both and working 10 hours a day to get more money home, sacrifice your week ends and most of your coding time, just to be able to keep a survivable standard for the household while you’re the only one with a job).

  • So tonight I was heading to bed, but after not going to bed exactly 10 seconds after my half stood up to get there, fight. I’m in no mood to go to bed now. But I’m tired, so I’ll go anyway.

Boring kind of “how a busy life can suck up most of your joy” on a depressive night.

How do married geeks out there can handle that kind of situations? Comments welcomed.


Blogroll - A French at Microsoft

Just wanted to say Hi! to Julien, a french working at Microsoft.

You can find him here :

So, hi to you Julien, hope to meet you in Redmond soon!

For those of you not following, I’m french living in London and one way or another will be a proud Microsoft emplyee at some point in the future.

I’ll do the first part of the history of the peer2peer bubble and what does it means now with Microsoft tonight. Stay tuned! (For my 3 subscribers).


BitVector Replacement

A long long time ago, there was a discussion (and here) about the BitVector32 class being buggy. My main problem was that it was not feature complete, and I still had to rely on a lot of bit shifting, which is, for people like me, very error prone. Associated with a good code generator, this class is a perfect tool to build UNION like structures in .net without relying on the marshaling classes.

Roy mentions that I should mention the bug in the original implementation:

“the indexer always returns false for bit #31”

While this problem in itself would have been enough to rewrite the original code, you’ll see that my API is really different. My main problem was to be able to deal with different types (a 3bits value, 3 bools as bits, and all the awful things C++ developers just writing their structs on a network pipe make us, poor .net people without a UNION thing, incapable of handling).

I developed this piece of code, so here it is for your pleasure. Notice that this piece of code is provided for your use for free as long as you pay me a beer (or a RedBull). Oh, and acknowledgments never hurts!


Edit: Sorry about the previous entry, forgot that IIS doesn’t want to serve .cs files whatever happens :) (1.31 KB) link that has not made it