Don't version your HTTP APIs

Infoq has released an article covering my talk on “Versioning is evil”, which is awesome. I’m preparing new content for the blog about the subject, and a new version of the talk for later in the year, which will complete and expand on this.

Thanks to all that attended this talk at NDC and!


HTTP APIs’ Slack room is live!

HTTP APIs, from the RPC-style all the way to ReST, are difficult to discuss over twitter. Fear not, we now have a solution.

You can join the HTTP APIs Slack channel now.

There isn’t a code of conduct yet, but I’ll be discussing with the community to set one up shortly. In the meantime, be kind, be nice, and think of others.

Feel free to share the link with your communities. Welcome.


How to always be right on the Internets

Thanks to everyone that came to PubConf. In case you wonder how to always be right on the Internets by leveraging fallacies, the slides are now available on the talk’s page. Don’t hesitate to comment there!