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OpenRasta needs an msdn license

I don’t usually use this blog for requesting help, but I’m afraid on this one I have to.

I don’t have access to an MSDN license anymore, as the cost is too high, I’m not an MVP and the ActionPack works for my professional needs. Except it doesn’t work so well with OpenRasta.

With the upcoming Visual Studio release, and the new OSs out there, I’m out of licenses to continue testing OpenRasta on all those platforms.

So, my friends, the communnity, I’m turning to you. Do you have a spare MSDN license somewhere? Do you know someone at a vendor happy to provide such a license? Maybe even Microsoft? Now is the time to help OpenRasta!

Email with your suggestions! Thanks!


OpenSource on .net at Microsoft TechDays

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The .net ecosystem is rich in open-source solutions that many have already adopted as part of their business-sensitive toolkit. Come and listen about open-source web frameworks, object-relational mapping tools and other must-have frameworks the .net community has produced over the years, by the most prominent figures of the UK developer community.

Come and enjoy free food and drinks and listen to experts present you the best of breed of open-source software for Microsoft platforms.

Current program:

  • OpenRasta - A web application framework for .net

  • An introduction to IoC with Castle Windsor

  • FluentValidation, doing your validation in code

  • CouchDB, NoSQL: designing document databases

  • Testing your applications with IronRuby

  • Building a data-driven app in 15 minutes with FluentNHibernate