London GayGeekDinner – Friday 9th of October

Just a quick reminder for those not monitoring the site, our next event is this Friday, and you can register at

It’d be great if you could do it by Wednesday so I can have an idea of numbers. :)


Announcing a new kind of events: AltNetCrossTalks, this Friday at MRM!

And there you go. When you can’t scale up, scale out! We’re creating a new kind of talks, one where communities will meet and cross the technological Styx.

The first one is on Ruby, RubyOnRails and IronRuby, the presenter is Shay Friedman, the place is MRM, the time is this friday, and the this is the link.


Last day to enter the raffle for a ticket to Roy Osherove’s TDD workshop

As you know, Roy is delivering the first of our AltNetWorkshops on Saturday the 26th of September. Most of the tickets are now gone, but you have the chance to enter a raffle for the last remaining ticket by sending me an email at