The first AltNetWorkshop with Roy Osherove on Intro to TDD

I'm very glad to announce that we launched the AltNetGroup website last week, and opened the first couple of tickets to the first AltNetWorkshop, something that I've been very keen on organizing. Roy has been generous enough, together with bbits and Onalytica, to give the first of our workshops for free. The bad news is that the event date has changed, and is now handled on the 26th of September. The good news is that there will be another 5 tickets, of which two will be released on monday, and two additional ones on tuesday. This leaves us with one last final ticket that will be picked randomly to all those sending me an email to


Alternative Network Group News – AltNetBeers #12

As the ever excellent Udi Dahan is in town, it’s only natural that I organize an AltNetBeers. So get ready for another session on the 16th of September! You can register now on the ukdotnet site.


Seb does Ireland – 30th of September to 3rd of October

And because I’m equally excited about going back to Ireland as I am going back to Scotland, I’ll be doing a bunch of things there.

Wednesday 30th September

Dublin at 8pm in Seagrass

An intro to OpenRasta 

Thursday 1st October


Not confirmed yet but should be a talk on agility in Dublin

Friday 2nd of October


Speaking at a conference on agility, will post about it when I get more details.