Agile and Scrum failure stories

Dear fans and readers,

I’ve now started writing a talk entitled Top tips to ruin your agile process. It is my intent to run the audience through the worst things that could happen to a team when they implement agile.

I have a fair share of miserable failures at turning (or keeping) a team agile, but I am now asking you to help me. Everyone has failed once or  more in being agile, and I hereby plead for you to give me your horror story.

Feel free to do so below, the comments can be made anonymously :)



Apparently Glenn Block distributes malware.

[Update: What I thought was an individual funny incident was in fact for the whole internet. See the The Register article about the snafu.]

We know that the MEF guys are a bit wicked, but that they would distribute malware is way over the top. If you don’t believe me, look what Google just showed me.

Glenn Block distributes malware


We did warn you…

Received in my inbox today from an ex-colleague. This made me smile.

Received: 29 January 2009

What a load of s******t
Sorry had to get that off my chest...


Received: 26 January 2009 11:27

Lead Dev - "Oh it's really good you just drag and drop your tables on and it creates all your classes for you"
N - "F********* OFF"


Received: 26 January 2009 13:08

Just spent the last 2.5 hours hand editing some XML.  Probably due to a bug in the "designer" but who knows.
Bring back NHibernate :-(

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