Blend 3 will use the Visual Studio 2010 C# editor

I could be wrong. But I could be right. Announced at the next Mix?


A birthday and looking back on my digital life

So it’s my birthday today. Every year until this now, my birthday has be the time for doing absolutely nothing. As I geared-up my community involvement this year, I find myself with so much to do and so little time that my birthday will be an after-thought this evening. Editing of content (7 hours of raw HD material to cut, compress, publish, of which I have only started), preparation of a talk next week, publication of a detailed guide for OpenRasta’s official launch (including delivering on my plan to port the Suteki project), a backburner project for Paris… And so far no contract in London, with agents driving the prices down and a global recession that is starting to ripple its effects through non-financial companies.

So I thought I’d celebrate the year by looking through my blog entries and twitters to provide for myself a roadmap of what I’ve done right and wrong.


Had issues with a company and a manager with which I didn’t manage to work. Lesson learnt from it, there is a right time to move on and a right place to be efficient. Started a long rant on mocks and their uses, trying (poorly) to debunk the ideas that mocks were always better than fakes, and that there was a life outside of mocking frameworks. However, with the latest mocking framework syntaxes and new defaults, the problem will slowly go away.


Spent a lot of time comparing and pondering how to provide data for the very poor http client called flash. Attended the first UK conference and felt so much more energized than I have been in years. Started giving presentations in user groups. Started working on the first version of Rasta that would lead me to write OpenRasta. Predicted that skydrive and foldershare (now WL Sync) would interop through the Sync framework (but Live Mesh doesn’t use skydrive yet, so this is not realized just yet). Organized the first beers event. Changed my relationship to code by switching my desktop to 30”. Started using twitter (and it’s all @CAMURPHY’s fault).Went to NxtgenUG Fest08. Made a point of supporting Linq2Sql and ignore Linq2Entities. Gave more talks. Went to Mix:UK, PDC, VBUG, TechEd…


And I’m  not including all the stuff I didn’t blog about. Very busy year indeed. And yet I feel I’ve pretty much under-achieved. So I take the public vow here to try harder. 5 year plan etc etc.


One more day at a conference…

And one more night of discussion, passion and learning. I get so much from meeting the people that attend conferences that I really think that not attending the sessions and only meeting people at dinner is where the value really is. I may just do that next year and skip the conf itself, and reserve myself for dinners, drinks and beer chatting.