Apologies for the silence… Out of work and conferences

Sorry to all people reading (and not taken over by tweeter fever). Between PDC and KaizenConf, I took a couple of days off and am now getting ready to meet even more great people in TechEd.

I’m doing the initial edit for some of the videos I took at KaizenConf / PDC (mainly recording of sessions, the interviews will take a bit longer). I hope to manage to get a few more at TechEd. Bittorrent of the raw material to follow.

Oh, and I still don’t have a contract, so any work you feel I may be able to help out with, please shoot me an email at seb@serialseb.com. Thanks!


KaizenConf , so far, has been about…

  • Self-improvement
  • Corporate adoption of lean
  • Talking about how learning how to be a good developer and a good chefs are one and the same thing
  • Talking about the American economy
  • Talking about the meaning of feature
  • Talking about the interaction between France and Quebec from the 1960s
  • Talking about the cost of adopting technology and its value depending on the project / team size
  • Talking about the waste of adopting lean in the silo of IT
  • Talking about recognizing failure and success

I probably forget many, but my brain is obscured by the level of discussion and contribution that happens here. None of the PDC / TechEd events compare to the thrill you get when surrounded by extremely opinionated and excited people. I’m in geek heaven.


I am a ToolWindow

For anyone that attended Glenn’s talk.