Kaizenconf is open

For those that were waiting for the kaizenconf registration to be open, it now is. But it’s not really a registration, it’s a request for a registration. So if I understand that correctly, I still don’t know if I’ll be there or not.

If you come from good old Great Britain, I’d recommend booking anyway. With the sterling going down, cancellation fees will probably be cheaper than waiting and see your money be half what it was.


Work availability

If you’re looking for help with your project and need a consultant, I’m available for the first two weeks of October. And if you’re looking for a developer / lead developer, I’ll be available from mid-November!

So don’t hesitate to contact me at seb@serialseb.com and cut some of those agencies cost!


Vote now for DDD!

Quite many very interesting session proposed for the next DDD.

Go and vote now for your favorite sessions (and if you don’t like any, you can always vote for mine!)