MVC presentation

What an absolutely crazy week! I've been working flat-out all week and still have a mountain of TODO: all over my screen.

Thanks to everyone that came to the MVC presentation. It's a presentation I really enjoy and look forward to give it again to other user groups. I have the feeling that I'll finally be happy with the content the third time I deliver it. And suffice it to say that I'm working very hard to actually make the game playable.

Apologies are in order as I'm late delivering the code (will get around to do it, probably around Tuesday) and the slides (slide.txt) and answering some of your emails. Please bare with me while I work through the backlog.

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Rewriting history?

I very often update and modify my posts until I feel they carry the meaning I intended. With English being a foreign language to me, there are many instances where my posts end-up being interpreted the wrong way or don't represent my message really well.

I'll be migrating this blog over to my own servers quite soon, and I've been wondering if all those edits should be done the way they are now, without history, or if I should adopt a more bliki approach and leave anyone to see the variations and edits I do on posts.

Does historic truth matters to you? Do you want to see my edits? Or do you only care about the end result?