The MVP presentation code

Last night, I've made some progress towards my long-overdue MVP series of articles, by rewriting what I had to adopt the same format as the presentation I did yesterday at the London .net user group.

As promised, here's the code from last night. Stay tuned for the articles.

Thanks to the surprisingly large audience, and thanks to those that came to me to say they were reading this blog. I still get quite shocked when people tell me they saw a specific article I've written.

To be fair I still get shocked when people remember my name the second time they see me, as I'm sadly quite the opposite and have a lot of trouble remembering people by name.

Anyway, enjoy the code in its roughest form, nearly no comments in there, and still no powerpoint slides :)



MacBook Air and Windows Vista x64

For the masochists amongst you, two tips when installing Vista 64bits on a MacBook Air:

  • The mouse drivers don't work initially. Just rollback to the microsoft drivers and execute the multitouch install manually from the apple folder (the 64 one!)
  • The video drivers need to be downloaded from Intel. The latest GMA drivers will do.
  • The wireless network card is wrongly recognized. Go and download Broadcom's drivers from HP at
    You need to extract the files, and do a manual installation (Let me select... and Choose a location in the wizzard) and *ignore* the warning about windows not being able to match the driver to your hardware. It's the right one (select the 802.11n draft version of the driver in the list)

And now some pictures of the unboxing.

IMG_0042 IMG_0043IMG_0044IMG_0045

The full installation from boot to first screen (including me typing the product key) came at a whopping 32 minutes. I'm so impressed with how snappy everything feels that I'm thinking of either replacing my main drive on the MacBook Pro by a Solid state drive (as soon as a 128G gets out) or just doing my development on the MacBook Air!


PowerShell one-liners for svn

A bit of CLI love (and I'm sure my readers will correct me fairly quickly with something much smaller and better!), for those like me that wish they never had to use tortoise.

Adding all files that are not in the repository

svn st | %{ if ($_ -match "\?\s+(.*)") { svn add $matches[1] } }

Removing the dreaded bin and obj folders if you did an add by accident

ls -i bin,obj -recurse | % { svn revert $_ -R }

And to exclude all the stuff you put in your .svnignore (and that one works with any shell)

svn propset svn:external . -F .svnignore -R