The latest in the family...

Ordered. Because I need an ultra lightweight to test the battery life and solid state drive implications for Windows development. And because I had to. Tried resisting all week, and today I failed.


An article on writing templated WPF custom controls

This is something that we had to discover with reflector when I wrote the Excel-like control we used for the National Express WPF application, so it's good to see people writing about it, especially when it's Charles Petzold in msdn magazine.

An additional thing you might want to do is have properties defining the templates for different sub-elements used by defining a dependency property of type DataTemplate. You may also want to create new sub-controls, e.g. a CellPresenter, that you can add to the template to define where in the template other components of your control will get injected.

That should probably be an article in its own right. Maybe this weekend if I recover from my sore throat.


Merry Christmas

While some would consider Christmas as a catholic feast, I'll consider myself the Santa Claus, Christmas tree, tinsels, balls, presents and big dinners as having no fundamental Christian ties. It's a pagan feast and as such, merry Christmas to all men on earth, whatever their religion.