Your Agile is dead


What could possibly go wrong when a Pole and a Frenchman enter an English office? Well, for a start you get servers called Churchill, Wałęsa and de Gaulle. In the presence of such characters it’s no wonder that a revolution was started. The country entered by the noble men was agile (with a capital A) and so were they (but not with the same a).

Instead of following the beaten paths, what would happen if they started with no structure, no direction and no rules, and created new ways of working as they go along?

An autonomous collective of courageous and fearless geeks gathered along in a freshly created duchy of perpetually hoarded meeting rooms, and joined forces into an unstoppable mob of programming, leaving behind everything, and starting completely fresh.

Their sight: the land of agile orthodoxy. Their weapon: asking why (usually at least five times). Their plan: No Kan-, no -Ban, starting with no assumption, but a sacred map of all their capabilities and tasks, the Panopticon, to lead them.

How many pits of success have they already conquered? Will their valiant march to sustainable delivery arrive at the pinnacle of realised business value?