My first subscribed person!

I just saw that in my referrers:

FeedDemon/1.0 RC2 (; Microsoft Windows)

You know what that means? Yeah! One person subscribed to my blog! Ok, who are you? You're entitled to a beer if you drop by London!

You know, I'm a software architect. I'm supposed to be a serious person. I'm supposed to be pragmatic, analytic, etc. But there are two things that got me back to dribbling on the floor and suffocating with pride, joy and excitement. The first one is Longhorn, the second is my first reader. Ok, from time to time, I'm just a kid. Well. Not that often. Really. (Any of the co workers which will read my blog are allowed to respond nasty things in my comments!)

As a side note, small fix for the site, I guess the fact that dasBlog is not recognizing what url you're currently in is a bit annoying...

I'll start today with my series on "The road to longhorn", stay tuned all of you 5yeah, you 8 people!)