First installation

Today was the big installation day. I didn't want to suffer the performance problems of running Longhorn under a virtual PC or a VMware installation, so I started by repartitionning my main hard drive using the fabulous Partition Magic 8 (, and gave Longhorn a nice 20 gigs to play around. I can as such use the full power of my GeForce 4 and my Athlon. Went smoothly, Partition magic reboots the computer and create the second primary partition. So far so good.

The next step is pretty easy: from my original windowsXP OS, launch the install. No bootable CD, no iso files to play around with. Copy the files in a folder on Windows, and start the setup.exe from there.

A few comments on these early steps:

  1. The graphics of the installer are... Messy at best. Really wierd.
  2. There's a bug in the installation where, if you try to run it from a path with spaces in its name, it won't start.
  3. There's no choice on start up for the keyboard language; That's a bit annoying.

Other than that, the install starts, and reboot 3 or 4 times. Not a long waiting, and when I got back from dinner (I must say I was a bit afraid from what I read in the blogs) the computer was ready.

A few things are annoying, upon the first reboot, the gradiant filling of the setup is really messy, it doesn't look good. But on a bright side, both of my screens were recognized.

Now my first complaint. It's been what, a few years since flat panels and svga cards are available. Microsoft, this is for you. Get us a loader with hi res graphics; Get us rich medias on startup; And RECOGNIZE the resolution supported by screens and video cards. Can't be that hard! And that's something I'm really missing from BeOS!

I can confirm what scoble said; HTML still works, and I'm editing my blog for Longhorn for the first time.