Multiple Screens? Bring Some More\!

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My office. As you can see, my IBM T30 has a dual screen Radeon video card. I was a bit surprised that Black n White is actually running quite well on it.

The second screen is a SyncMaster 171s, a 17” flat that we were given. Quite nice, although I must say I’m getting used to the high resolution of the laptop.

The third screen, well, I’m a bit cheating there. It’s not a third screen, but my windows 2003 test box (the one having the test server and the auto build system). I use a MK named Synergy to move only my main keyboard and mouse around. This tool won my “geek trophy” weekly contest.

Frankly, a 3 21” LCD configuration would be ideal for me (that is, 3 1600 * 1200 screens), in high resolution it would be even better. I still have to find any video card supporting more than 2 DVI outputs though. Anyone?

(Will post my configuration at home later today).