Googlejuice is back!

Hey hey hey… just noticed that the new URL to your beloved blog got up again in the googlescore:

·         Sebastien gets me to position 8 (up)

·         Lambla gets me to position 1, 2 and 3 (up)

·         TheTechnologist in positions 2 to 7 (up)

·         Longhorn related topics slipped away, as I’m spending more time on SOA and geeky topics than on longhorn (not enough hours in a day!)

·         An exception for Longhorn + peer2peer where I have the first position with my previous googlejuice report (how to break google better than just blogging about a position in google!)

·         A special note with IIsapiRuntime in position 10, and AppDomainFactory in position 12…

Why is that relevant? Because most of the people getting on this blog come from google. Now on the frightening bits:

·         Veme Republique (fifth republic, the current French constitution) gets me into position 6… So does “Regime parlementaire”. Pretty frightening, as even though public law and constitutional law is a passion for me, I’m far from being an expert. But just to push the matter further, I’m going to post an entry again on the so called VIeme republique, the infamous project by some French political Trotskyites to go back to the previous parliamentary regimes. Should prove to be interesting!

·         “Marketing bullshit” where it seems I absolutely rule. Fair enough.

·         But nothing on my other mother country, Monaco, which I’m going to visit sometime in March. I have a piece to write about that too, but it will take more time.

You know the most frightening part? Just talking about the googlerank actually increases your googlerank. A pretty weird consequence of the current algorithm used on google!