and IIS follow-up

Following my article on hosting, Dave writes about this document that I could’ve used and have less investigation to do should have I found it. Great complementary content to my article. My favorite piece of Dave’s post? “The real eye opener in the article for me was…”. Now I’m happy as I know at least one person found something useful for their job. Benjamin told me, quite insightfully, that I needed to market my content better. And I think I have a beginning of it!

From julien, I’m also going to review it as soon as I get out of illness and conferencing about the code access security, the partial trust execution under .net 1.1 and how it is built. Thanks for reviewing and giving me your comments Julien! And yes, as soon as I come back from Amsterdam, I’ll finish my review on your Petshop SOA article. Sorry for the delay.

Time to bed. No, time to bed is way way past what I can afford. So off to grab a few hours of sleep. Will blog from the conference if it gets too boring! (That, and if I can get any wireless connection in my new hotel!)