Here comes a second wave of links that I didn’t blog about. We’re reaching November 2003 at this point!


·         Felipe gives a super fast introduction to layouts in Avalon, and a more detailed overview of the custom layout API. He is one of the Avalon PM by the way. His new blog here is a MUST for anyone interested in Avalon related content.

·         James talks about the Media API in longhorn. Let’s hope the recent cut in features is not going to get this out of the way.

·         Something that didn’t get much blog attention since the PDC, Automation and Accessibility in Avalon by Scott.

Things we use everyday

·         An IIS6 problem with kernel mode caching, from Brendan… There should be an easier way.

·         The absolute list of ports used by Microsoft products, from Christian (sorry it is in French, still readable by everybody though).

·         Flushing DNS in Windows, very useful, from Richard.

·         XSL-T intellisense for, even more useful, from Jesse Ezell.

·         Well, we all use Robert Scoble enough that we could effectively send him a thanks postcard. I will do that soon. Robert if you’re reading this, would you prefer Monaco or London?

·         An introduction to Code Access Security from CodeProject, by Sam Gentile (again).

Things we wish we’d use everyday (or not)

·         An example on gotdotnet about using Rigid Body Dynamics in Managed DirectX…

·         From Sam Gentile, Raymond on calling conventions Parts 1, 2 and 3.


·         Well yes I’m late to the party, but an uber-cool design for a windows oriented blog. Who’s going to make a glass like blog design first?

·         Project Management Proverbs from Alan Dean. Goes fine with the top developer excuses I blogged about in ISL 1.

·         D0m1, from Eric Gunnerson, posts something I’ve read conscientiously for the last few months,

·         The Internet Helpdesk from matt. Way too funny.

I think that’s enough for a second list, don’t you?