The BOA has been hunted

Interesting conversations going around on high level business processing language… Here are the links for you people interested in it (Yes I am archiving more than a year of blogs, thanks to Lookout i can actually find the entries i need when i create a list like this one):

·         Christian Nagel: “BOA will integrate the business aspects with SOA.”

·         Ingo Rammer: “What I like about Boa is that it doesn't constrict you.”

·         Juval Lowy: “Clearly BOA will use standard patterns like Indigo Marks. I don’t think that BML (pronounced bimmel, Business Markup Language.  XML for MBAs) is something we should care about because I really hope for some visual tool to do that for me. Like Clemens said, anything more and I would be killed.”

·         Sam Gentile: “Quite interesting as Viper turned into MTS, arguably the first real AOP implementation which turned into COM+. This bears watching.

·         Clemens Vasters: “Don elaborated a bit on the "Business Agents" idea he'd been talking about briefly in his CTS200 session. There's apparently a related project Boa (another serpent name along the family line of Viper that was the original codename for MTS), including the business markup language BML (pronounced "Bimmel") that he's involved in.”

Seems very much like these few things:

·         Christian Nagel: “SOA support is dependent on Indigo; Proceess support needs the BizTalk Orchestration Engine. The "business logic" portion will not be shipped with Whidbey because this would cement parts of MBF into a "non-Longhorn" model.”

·         Christian Weyer: Don mentions over there in the Indigo newsgroup that the next version of BizTalk Server (I mean the one *after* Jupiter) will be built on Indigo: The version of BTS after Jupiter will use Indigo directly. This brings Indigo's security, RM, and TX stack to BTS.”


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  • Clemens: "What this shows is that there's a bit too much appetite for the next big thing while we're all still working on making the current big thing happen"
  • Don Box: "I guess that "Project BOA" talk at Applied XML DevCon V isn't going to get accepted now…"
  • John: "I've put it down as part of Microsoft's new strategy of LOA -- Laughing Over Acronyms."
  • IanG: "Come on guys, the cat's out of the bag - it's time to own up to the fact that you've just been stringing us along all these years - clearly nobody could possibly have any requirement for any kind of markup for capturing business processes."
  • And of course the Microsoft watch article and the register one.