Counter productive

I am so used to outlook and newsgator, with my dasBlog plug-in, that I find it very difficult to blog from the web. The interface sucks, I like smart clients, not web applications trying to look like smart clients. No spell checker (or you need yet another piece of software), so save and edit later, nothing...

And reading blogs in RSS bandit is just cumbersome. I loose a lot of time, don't have a nice overview of all the posts that are to read, can't edit from there. I like the comments and trackbacks integrated features though. Oh and the synchronization support is really good.

As such, I am working on hijacking newsgator with an rss bandit compatible (hopefully) synchronization service, and an add-in for comments feeds and automatic conversion of items across feeds (something I asked Greg about early in the 2.0 beta release, but it didn't happen...)

Greg, you don't mind me playing with your internal API do you? :-)