Group blogs...

Tim talks about the current trend in Entreprise blogging to have group blogs.

I hear you my friend! I’ve been completely surprised at how strongly people feel about having group blogs inside a company firewall. I really think it comes from two things:

  • Exposure of the individual (and fear of overstepping on the hierarchy);
  • Lack of experience in blogging.

The exposure comes from the fact that most big companies have a tendancy to get people not to want to look too individualistic. The tenet would be that your own exposure would mean you’re more focused on yourself and your career than on the benefits you bring to your company.

The lack of hands-on experience with blogging is also something that leads people to re-think blogging by reusing the models they’re used to in their company. A lot of people understand what a blog engine is inside a company, but very few actually know about the social movement and new forms of publications blogs promote.

I have to say it can also come from people not being aware that to have a team based blog, you can simply aggregate the content of each member of a group in one feed and one web page. But the support for this specific use is not there in most blog tools.