WPF Snippets

VS Extensions code named Cider, that will stop shipping for Visual Studio 2005 after the November CTP (which means there won't be any more support as far as I understand unless you download the CTPs of the next Visual Studio environment code name Orcas), install a few WPF snippets.

Frankly, the C# snippets are sub-optimal. So I rewrote them.

  • propdp and propa are still there, I just removed the comments, put the containing class as the owner of the event and replaced the default value as default(type).
  • propdpg for read-only dependency properties.
  • revent for a default routed event (with eventNameEvent for the static backing store and eventName for the CLR event wrapper.
  • reventt for a tunneling event, with the Preview naming convention.

File iconwpf.vsi