Goodbye MacBook Pro, Hello PowerShell

Well, I am mourning the departure of my MacBook Pro to the hands of a thief in All Bar One on a friday evening with my colleagues.

If anyone ever see a MacBook Pro 17inches Core2 Duo with glossy screen and, more specific and probably unique to mine, a big bump next to the opening of the superdrive, please report it immediately to the London City police in Islington.

And of course, thanks to Murphy's law, the insurance I thought was covering it didn't, and am off £2,200, and no more computer to work. Now that's a major blow! I'll wait till the next revision of the macbook before buying a new one, that I will insure to the maximum coverage!

I've also decided to ditch my old backup system using cds and dvds after a few got corrupted and i ended up loosing a huge amount of stuff. From now on it will be a RAID5 1TB windows server running somewhere hidden in the house.

But on a brighter note, my beloved PowerShell is finally released for Windows Vista and you can download it here.