Silverlight Predictions and WPF Snippets.

On a break from blogging at the moment, service will resume when my new MacBook Pro arrives (new resolution, faster CPU, nvidia chipset and 4gig of memory), and when I finally finish my move in central London. That said, my Silverlight predictions were accurate 100%, except I predicted a beta where both an RC and a CTP were released. And thanks to Brownie Points for enhancing my wpf snippets, although my blog is not and he forgot to give me credits. Hopefully he'll read the trackback and amend his entry. A lot could be said about the addition of UIPropertyMetadata against FrameworkPropertyMetadata. Rule of thumb if you're using WPF, unless you know the difference between the UIElement and the FrameworkElement levels, stick with the Framework layer. In this case, for WPF FrameworkPropertyMetadata is acceptable, for other toolkits only PropertyMetadata would be more accurate.