When digital was about digits...

A blog post over on Satisfy me reminded me of the good old Compuserve days. Oh yes I was there, and 100530,3355 was my ID! That was back when the Internet wasn't that big mind you. But we had file transfers with resumable downloads, chat rooms, message boards, and a real sense of community.

But then the Internet arrived and I turned into technoboy@cis.compuserve.com (when alias email addresses were tested, and only the SysOps knew about them (oh the social status it was to be SysOp or even WyzOp! (and I promise to stop nesting braces.)))

And one of the first IM system on the Internet? ICQ of course, where I was 2931484 for years (and I believe that account is still alive).

Isn't it strange how years on (13 years for Compuserve, 11 for ICQ) I remember these numbers but have no memory of any of my passwords or previous email addresses.

Maybe the brain is better at numbers than we think. And maybe I miss the old time when the digital world was about digits.