Knowing which aliases are defined

[Update: Replaced -eq by -match as suggested on the PowerShell blog. Thanks guys, humbling to have you reading this blog. Tagging really does have a use :) ]

One of the main struggles I have when writing my PowerShell scripts for public consumption is that I never remember which aliases I can use. And eventually I'd like to naturally type gci instead of ls, but old habits die hard.

Here's a little function I have in my profile to get the list of all aliases defined for a command.

function Get-AliasShortcut([string]$CommandName) {
    ls Alias: | ?{ $_.Definition -match $CommandName }
Set-Alias gas Get-AliasShortcut

Which you can then execute as such:

6# gas get-childitem

CommandType     Name                                                Definition
-----------     ----                                                ----------
Alias           gci                                                 Get-ChildItem
Alias           ls                                                  Get-ChildItem
Alias           dir                                                 Get-ChildItem

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