Programming WPF 2nd Edition is out

Well through Chris Sell's blog,, the new edition is shipping. I liked the previous version, only real reference at the time I started WPF, together with the Petzold.

So I just placed an order for it, and at the same time ordered Nathan's and the other Chris book, so I can have a go at reading them all.

I'll do a comparison of all of them and report here. It's been done before but now that I've been working professionally for what seems like years but is in fact only a year (between the RTM and beta 2), I think I may see things differently.

It will also be fun to compare the first and the 2nd edition of Programming WPF :)

Question is, should I order the 3D Petzold? We'll see after I'm done with the rest.

Anyone wants to commission me to write "Writing controls for WPF: Put some sparkle in your cider!"?

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