Getting ready for TechEd

  • Configuration of Windows Home Server for remote access - checked
  • Full backup of the laptop on DVD - checked
  • Spare external hard drive - checked
  • International access for the 3g card - checked
  • 1080i camcorder - checked
  • Digital camera - checked
  • Lab machines assigned DNS and RDP - checked
  • Online Check-in - checked

Still to do (or why i won't get much sleep)

  • Finish the automatic encoding / transfer of Hi-def videos to my media server
  • Finish my DV application
  • Find some use for all this video equipment (maybe a daily video blog of what I saw....)
  • Finish rewriting some Windows Live Writer plugins work for real-time blogging
  • Finishing installing the SDKs I may need to have fun coding when there.
  • Try to find out who's going and where are the good parties.

May I mention I'm thrilled? :)

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