Conference day 1

My hotmail is back apparently... we'll never know what happened. At the conference this morning... Early start after a very late evening. There are damn smart people in here, very uplifting.

Here's the sessions I'm going to attend:

  • REST / SOAP / MVC and what it all means for services
  • Mocking, is it a good idea? (you know it's one of my pet peeves)
  • How to become a better developer and spread the ideas
  • DSL and fluent interfaces...

They're the bits I proposed in each of the topic-based subjects that are being grouped together...

It's my opinion that we should've had probably less topics proposed, and the decision on what stays and what doesn't should've been taken by the people that are here rather than pre-organized. It makes people passively vote for sessions with less self-organization. But maybe British people are just less proactive and expansive than our American counterparts.

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