Announcing the London Beers event

[Update: The event has been moved. See the latest location and stuff here]

Many people are keen on continuing the discussion that was started by the conference. While the altdotnet-discuss yahoogroups mailing list has been very active, I feel that much more can be achieved when meeting and seeing people.

It's also nice to be surrounded by like-minded people that face the same challenges you do when you try to promote ideas around you, to your colleagues, your employer, your sister... And of course, being surrounded by very bright people that love what they do and spend their free time getting better at it is fantastic.

In the spirit of providing something less grandiose than a conference and more personal than a mailing list, I hereby declare created the London Beers. It's an event, in a pub, with whoever wants to come, subject to be decided on the day. Bring your laptop if you want, but more than anything bring yourself, and let's get the conversation continuing.

This is an experimental regular meet-up, and who knows, if it's successful, we could do it a bit everywhere. Make this a success and come along!