The Entity Framework paves the way to years of uneducating the masses

This is in substance the bitter taste that's left in my mouth as EF v1 gets ready to be released.. I've been debating on this topic in user groups, meetings and within my clients: adopting EF as it stands would be a mistake as it introduces fundamental issues in the way we write code and in the way we design our architectures. We will spend years undoing the massacre done by introducing that technology as it stands, just like we still have to suffer DataSets today.

That's why I signed the ADO .NET Entity Framework Vote of No Confidence.

And today, it was announced that the Entity Framework team would adopt a transparent process in the same way as the data services team has. In this respect I'll have to remark that the data services team took the decisions they wanted to take, even when the community advised against them.

Furthermore, the objections that were made against the Entity Framework have been around for a while and apparently didn't make it into the V1.

I'll try and have an open and positive attitude towards this opening-up, but I'll notice that already there's a push within MS to adopt the entity framework everywhere. If you push for adoption of your v1 in the company and respond to criticism by promising to fix  fundamental scenarios in v2, you're doing more damage than good, and this is why I have a trust problem vis-a-vis the Entity Framework and its design team.